Guillaume, Guide

Hey guys, I was born in Chamonix and I grow up in a farm 200 m above the vallée. So I spent my Guillaumechirlhood to bring the goats browse around and to climb in the thees during my free time. This life in the nature probably gave me a good instinct. (that's what I think). I get the virus of the mountain when I was 14 year old. I went on my own to ski down the "couloir de la Bûche" and this day I realise how this trip up in the mountain brought me so much happyness. Ten years later, I get the "probatoire". Ten year! Mountaineering takes long time to learn and by the way I'm still learning.  A bit like LIFE in fact, that's why montaineering is so exciting! So I wich to "passionnate" all the people I will bring up in the mountain.